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UPDATE: MAR22 -FamilyFirst: Online Menu Page

UPDATE - Mar22

So!  Here's something a little new. A while ago my mom started offering organic lunchboxes (school lunches) for parents to buy for their kids. My dinner menu felt a bit rushed and not fully developed, and I always liked the way this one felt, so I was considering reworking dinner to be more like this one - colourful and BIG and fun and graphic. And responsive. Let's not forget the responsive part. ;) It's live right now so you can click here to check out the scrolly-ness.

If there's time to give feedback on this and if it seems like a viable way to go, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone who checked out my project over the 'semester' and for the comments / feedback / hearts! It's been a slice.


I went ahead and coded the existing site, working out a few things as I went. Its a bit different now but kind of the same...

The table is a set minimum width and expands across larger screens.

Still wanting to finalize a few things and make it more graphic-y fun.


I tweaked a few more things but thought I'd wait until after office hours tonight before giving it another overhaul. I moved the logo back over to the left (thanks Christopher!) and started the legend at Tuesday where it will scroll down the page as the user does. I also changed the bg colours of the bottom portion but am maybe not sold on those just yet.

Still working out the header area, how to represent the title / dates, and ... that's about it until I move ahead on it I guess. Any feedback would be welcomed with open arms. :)



So I ended up scrapping the all b&w version in favour of something with a bit more colour. So now each meal type is colour coded, and there is a floating legend off to the left that will scroll down with the user so they know what any of the options in the descriptions mean.

All the text that's in there right now is just placeholder. I just like to have fun with the copy rather than doing the whole 'lorem ipsum' thang.

I'd like to do personalized shopping cart buttons for each item (as shown), but that will depend on whether I can code the buttons to size to fit each phrase. And if I can think of enough phrases for the new meals each week.

So! That's it so far.


Well, more conundrums than problems, but
a) not sure about the top portion with the logo in it - i'd like to do something nicer there.
b) how to present the date. It's kinda boring too.
c) I'm sure i'll think of more as i keep playing with it and moving into coding it.

 Any feedback - good or bad - would be all sorts of awesome. If you 'right-click' and select 'view image', you can see the bigger version. You know... if you wanted to.


My mom and brother started an organic food business in our small town and have begun offering (in addition to lunches and baked goods and such), fresh dinners every Tuesday and Thursday. This is just the 2nd week so far, and we've decided to start it out on a pre-order basis so that they'd only be making as much food as needed.
I did their original site for them (seen below) but have started rebranding them to a more black and white scheme. The current dinner menu page reflects the new logo I designed for them last year and much as I love the simplicity and minimalist look, i feel it could be kicked up a notch. I'd like to use this class to figure out a better look that's more aestheticlaly pleasing and fun.

ORIGINAL SITE (click to go to it! yay!):

CURRENT MENU PAGE (click to go to it! But don't order anything because we can't send it to you!):


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