[UPDATE: Jan/18] Mouse Wizard | Skillshare Projects

Coni Yovaniniz

Comic Artist / Astronomy graduate



[UPDATE: Jan/18] Mouse Wizard

I usually work with human characters, so I wanted to try something different for this project! my keywords for this were: triangle, mouse, wizard. (I totally forgot to add an extra keyword there...)

These are my first sketches:


The triangle shape for the head looked a little weird, so I ended up settling with some sort of rhombus-like shape instead. I also made their face more round to make them look friendlier. A nice mouse wizard!!


Second page of sketches feels way more convincing than the first one. I have moved from sharp triangles to rounded triangles, except for the ones in their clothing. I also settled with a waterdrop shape for the ears.

It's a really good thing to force yourself to try more possibilities before settling with a design, but it's also really challenging!! 

UPDATE (Jan/18): Here's my final character! mouse wizard!


Working on this project was a lot of fun! Let's see if I can keep up and finish the other character design courses as well >:) 


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