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[UPDATE Jan/18] Brush lettering process

Okay, let's get started! Luckily I already had a set of Prismacolor brush pens (which I like more because I tend to draw/write small), so I'll be using those. Here are some of my practice strokes:


I think the hardest thing for me when doing brush lettering is that I'm left-handed, so some movements don't feel as natural as they'd feel for a right-handed person (I think). I'm getting the hang of it, though! 

I got carried away so I moved on to alphabets right away...


I think this is the most "standard" brush lettering alphabet I could find! I really messed up that R up there...R and S are my hardest letters for this one.



I found two uppercase alphabets that I liked so I ended up doing a total of 4 alphabets! two uppercase, two lowercase. Two with more swirls and two with...less swirls. It's a lot of fun to try different styles!

And here's a mix of everything to see the different alphabets side by side:


UPDATE (Jan/16): Added some words! I still haven't chosen my phrase so I just wrote some random words to get the hang of it:


I started this course hating the letter 'S' and now it's one of my favorites....

UPDATE (Jan/18): Moving on to my final phrase!! I decided to go with one of my favorite songs, Birdhouse in Your Soul, by They Might Be Giants.


I didn't like the 'B' I had from the alphabets, so I looked up different ones until I found one I liked. After these 'concepts' I moved on to my final piece, I forgot to take process pictures but I did a light sketch with guidelines before inking, to figure out placement and the details of the swashes.

And here it is!


Doing this course was a lot of fun, and I'm really pumped to practice more with my brush lettering in the future!! thanks, Andrea! ♥ 


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