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UPDATE - Food & Other Things!

These are some photographs of meals that my mom's new organic restaurant is offering. I took some different pictures of her food for this project so that I could get feedback on ones I plan to use in their online menu / promotional materials. Since it's all food I did more of the 'context-based' photos than the 'on a white background' ones.

Autum Soup

Hot Cross Buns

Shrimp & Coconut Milk Rice

If there's time i'd like to do some alternate shoots using white backgrounds just to test that method out too.



These are some product photos I did for one of my products in my Etsy shop

One of my cards that I took on a white background, but found they got lost due to the whiteness of the card and envelope, so I put it on a wooden surface (excuse the logo):

And my Time in a Bottle which I think works on a white background.


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