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UPDATE: Final Project + Mood Board + Finding Inspiration

Bethany mentioned trying to find something that makes you want to be adventurous or explore, to really get inspired by your surroundings. I live in San Diego, where is just a beautiful place to live. Almost everyday I'm on the beach, and weekend hiking... I tend to always shoot at parks or beaches... I really would love to explore more of what San Diego is like as a city, I live the SoCal laid back beach life style and tend to play it safe with what I know in my pictures. For this class i'd like to start exploring more, try more urban settings, not to be afraid of exploring, walking around down town, get inspired with different locations, compositions.

For my Mood Board, I chose to include Women + Men's fashion. I'm really loving the denim look, Denim on denim is kind of tough to pull off but if done right, I think looks amazing. I really love the laced boots/shoes. Layers, oh layers on layers..it just gives texture to an outfit. I love the accesories, watches, belts, hats, jewelry. Loose tops & skinny pants. Especially with Men's fashion, the Skinny fit I feel is not only flattering but sexy.

I'm feeling inspired, hope you all are too!




For my final project, I chose a location that was my local town's downtown area.

There's so much more I wanted out of these pictures but we ran super late due to an obligation my model and only had about 25 mins to shoot or so. If I had more time i think I would have accessorize & layered her outfits more. Also would have liked to explore more to get some different locations. But that's the beauty of these classes... you learn what needs improving for next time :)

I tried to take Bethany's advice into consideration when shooting... finding natural & good lighting (it was right before sunset so it was beautiful out), also it was my model's first time shooting so I tried to structure the shots into closeups, midway and full body for her to become more comfortable infront of the camera... by the end she seemed like a pro :) also trying to follow the rule of thirds & horizontal and vertical shots. I picked her outfits to compliment my mood board with what we had to work with. There's more of what we learned in her class I can talk about but I'll stop here.

All are edited with Replichrome with ofcourse tweaks in both LR & PS.






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