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Coni Yovaniniz

Comic Artist / Astronomy graduate



[UPDATE Apr/8] Storytelling with Pictures, or, An Introduction to Comics

After joining the March Teach Challenge, I finally posted my first Skillshare class last week:

As a part-time webcomic artist, I decided to make an introductory class to my favorite storytelling medium! It's made for anyone who wants to do comics, even if it's their first time doing it.

I started promoting the class as soon as it went live by posting it on Twitter:


Then I shared 15 free enrollment links on my Twitter a couple minutes after that. I also posted 10 free enrollment links on my Tapastic profile, which is where I post my webcomic, but that one didn't get much attention (I still have 5 of 10 slots available there).

On Monday I posted an announcement under the latest update of my webcomic Postcards in Braille:


Those 20 enrollments went out in only a couple of hours!! I have a good readership on my webcomic, so it is where I get more attention, but I haven't gotten much from there besides from the free enrollments. I guess it's easier to get people who are already on Skillshare than people from outside, but I'm trying!!

As of today (April 5) I have 75 students, from which 44 are free enrollments. That makes 31 non-free-enrollment students.


I'm looking forward to completing this class/workshop so I can up my marketing skills!! 

EDIT (April 8)

Well, it's the last day of the workshop already! Here are some of the things I did during the week:

  • Made a Tumblr post promoting my class, in which I posted my introduction video
  • Made another tweet promoting my class, encouraging friends and followers to retweet it
  • Added more tags to my class description so it's easier to find

Here are my stats at the end of the marketing workshop:


(It's technically 2 projects, the third one is my sample project)

I think that what worked best so far was to share free enrollment links with my webcomic readers and friends, so my class could get to 25 students quickly. They also gave me good reviews and feedback, so I can know what they liked and what to work on.

Right now I'm planning to set my class as Free for the weekend to get an extra boost, and try to engage students to work on their class projects. Right now I have 2 projects that are halfway done, so I'm looking forward to see them finished!!


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