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UPDATE #5, THE TETANUS STORY (all new and huh?)


Here it is, the complete thing!

Huh? It has nothing to do with lactation? What is this? IT'S SOMETHING ELSE!

This happenend last saturday and I just drew it without too much thinking,

hope everyone enjoys it:


What is this? Something new? THATS RIGHT!

Something happened and I just thought, LETS USE THAT!

My other thing was nice and loose but I can not fight the real world:


Thanks for looking!




I have made a super rough version of the story in flash.

I dont know if it's clear or if its just a mess. Please let me know and thanks!

That's all I have so far.


Feedback of any kind would be great, I have no clue if this weird story is clear or cohesive.

(I'm working on a second one just in case).

CHEERIO and thanks for looking!


Had a tough, TOUGH time trying to condense the whole baby thing into a story.. especially because there had been no real twists and turns (thankfully).

So I decided to just focus on a very very small part of my current life,


To make that more interesting I want to mix it up with the following imagery:

Changing Diapers + D-Day = Hopefully fun!

Here is some character design:

And early test doodles:


Thanks for looking!


He is born! And super talented at pooping at looking around! GOOD STUFF!

I'm currently sketching story ideas and I think I would go with something like "stuff I thought I knew vs. things I NOW understand".

For example the amount of poop that a 9pound baby can produce, the amount of sleep one can survive on, etc etc.

It might be a bit more episodic then the project guidlines suggest, I hope I can find a good red line to combine all those jokes and insights.

I'm open to ideas and critic!

Thanks for reading!

Hello Hello!

Here goes the true story of my alien abduction!

Well not really, the true story is, is that I'm still waiting for something to happen.

My wife is currently 6 days overdue in giving birth to our first kid. That birth process COULD make something super fun or something super lame. WHO KNOWS!

But I wanted to wait until it happened before I consider drawing something else, because that stuff feels REALLY personal and it could have some nice emotional shenanignans.

So this alien stuff is just a dumb placeholder I thought of while being in the shower.

Looking forward to seeing all the other projects and I hope my unborn son decides soon to check out of his current hotel.


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