UPDATE 3 - You made The World

At the start, You made The World!

Mission: You can be a God when you are a Programmer.

Goal: I want to create short videos about computer programming, inspiring to programming, create creative things with power of programming.

Keywords (inspiration): Matrix, binary, hacker, code, retro style, pixels, bit, byte, alquimist, shaman, power to create everything, look like videoclipe, art movie

Script (version 0.1)

Bob start a bad day. Everything is gray. Everyone is boring. He opens his notebook and starting to programmer. A lot cool scenes in his computer, he change the behaviour his avatar when code rolling in screen. Bob programmes. Bob change the world. In his around many things are created, a pile of information grows, the reality is broken the life is a stream of bits. The world is colorfull, in Bob's bedroom a lot of things were created. The world had changed for Bob.

Scenes (version 0.1)

1. In Bob's bedroom, everythings is gray
2. Bob open the notebook and starting to programme
3. One mosaic with many things is created. Under a layer code roll over
4. Top view. Bob in white space just he, table and notebook. He continues to programme
5. In this white space a stream of bits, words turn around
6. Lot of things is created in reality. Slowly thes things in real world be colorful
7. It’s night. Bob close the notebook.

TypeSet script for version 0.1 - YoumadeTheWorld_0_1.pdf

My video notes

Note 1: My friends is terrible! It's very very hard! Yesterday I did first art/concept - just 2 hours for a frame! So, I my forecast just for pre production I need in mean 30 hours! Consider 2 hours/day for working minimum 15 days just for pre production. It's impossible to finish until Dec 23th. I'll try other draw technique, I think in cut out animation. Following the terrible version 1 of Bob, our hacker/programmer :-D

Note 2: I'm sure - I'll use cut out animation - 1 hour to create Bob, look the result. Each body's part is a different layer, more easier to animate.


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