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For my project, I was inspired my the photography of Michael Wolf and his Bastard Chairs series. Here he focuses on the unique creations of individuals as they watch the comings and goings on the streets of China. These chairs are not elegant, or comfortable but are created out of necessity for the sole purpose of providing seating. They are made out of whatever scraps they can find, and are works of art in their own right.

As I deconstructed what the word uncommon wealth meant to me, I came up with the idea of creating a fictional exhibit, featuring Michael Wolf's Bastard chairs and other artist with similiar visions. The idea is to focus on photography depicting how an individual has transformed, what would normally be percieved as trash into something functional and useful. I believe that wealth can be defined as something obtained that a person deams useful; that provides a service to help enrich the lifes of said user.

This is the photograph that started it all and what I am considering using as my poster image.

I live in New Mexico, so I am thinking that the location would be somewhere in Santa Fe...Taking a trip out there this weekend to scout locations :)


Apart from Michael Wolf the other names are fictional.


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