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UNITE: Imagine Together, Create Together

UNITE: Imagine Together, Create Together

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UNITE is an application where users can upload their creative projects for others to view.  The app was created to bring creative people together and to promote collaboration between users. Whether you are a musician, graphic designer, coder, director, or any other type of creative person, feel free to post your past and future projects. 

What the application can do:

-Users posted projects including:




and button to send users to more information about the project.

-User profile pages which includes:

a profile picture,



buttons to be able to send emails to the user in order to collaborate,

and all the projects posted by the user.

-Endless page

-Uploading Images with URLs

Features to be added: (ran out of time, got busy in the last week)


-Likes/Rating System - shows the newest and highest rated on the home page.

-User groups or boards for different type of projects (music, video, desgin, code etc.)

-Multiple pictures per project

4/1/13 Update:

-Edit Home Page 

-Added Endless page function

3/30/13 Update:

- Add Profile page including a bio, city, and profile picture - all users projects are featured on this page

3/26/13 Update:

-Finalized About Page

-Add Carousel to Home Page *Need to finish what pictures will be in this.

-Add Bio, City, and Profile Picture to Users

-Fixed Brand

-Add 'Your Projects' Page = shows your projects that you posted

-Add 'Project' Page = shows all the projects posted by UNITE users




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