& UNIQUE - student project

Hi Everyone.  

First off I have to admit I am VERY nervous (&excited) Mainly because taking part in this represents me talking about my ideas and opening them up for comment.  Secondly I am not a designer and have very little actual experience with photoshop, illustrator and in-design.  SO HERE GOES. 

I am 37 and spent my career building/developing brands at every level of the process.  I really enjoy what I do and it is my goal to build something that is in line with my beliefs. 


... was born for two reasons: #1, a creative outlet and business for me in the future. #2, to give back to creative community and people that struggle with learning disabilities.  

At 22 i found out I was Dyslexic which made complete sense to me.  It gave me courage, I was no longer stupid but my brain simply worked differently. I can't say it really held me back, i became very adaptable and resourceful and great at hiding my stuggles but it has been really challenging to do and understand many things that others take for granted.  

Recently, I came to the conclusion that I despise what "Being Normal" represents.  To me it is a 100% negative and I believe in Positive. I want to celebrate the Non-Normal and motivate others to identify what makes them "remarkable". In this world Normal just keeps on going. Being remarkable & UNIQUE stands out and makes a difference. 

& UNIQUE is the brand, the notion and hopefully a network/community of creative people that want to inpsire others through their creative ideas.  

My designs are somewhat rudimentary and ironically they what I struggle with most.  Words.  My strength is really in building the brand, the strategy and approach.  i want to explore my creative side more and meet with others that this may resonate with.

Please comment, I would really appreciate feedback, ideas etc.  



& UNIQUE - image 1 - student project

Initial idea/design.  ... & UNIQUE - letters filled with patterns from nature that are themselves unique. 

& UNIQUE - image 2 - student project

Ampersand design

& UNIQUE - image 3 - student project

Justin Hills

Be Courageous, Be Yourself