UNCOMMON/WEALTH - student project

Hi all! I just finished this class+project.

While the class was rolling, I started looking for an image among my photos that grabbed my attention. The idea that it doesn't take much to change the way you see really stuck with me, and I was kind of hung up on the idea of Wealth, and how different people see wealth as completley different things. 

Some people would say it's money, some would say health, some family. I, unlike Phoenicians, tend to think wealth is how much you're able to use your time as you want. I also think that if you understand that time is relative, even the smallest amount of doing what you love can bring you great joy. Just looking at the sky is one of those for some. For some, it's working for a beach house. However we see it, we're still inside a greater Commonwealth wherever we go. 

I used this image because it's actually a house in Bahamas ruined from a hurricane. I flipped it upside down to "change the perspective" and to draw the eye to the title. I tried inverting the colors as well, but a pink or yellow sky seemed too apocalyptic for this theme. I wanted a sense of freedom portrayed with the sky.

After editing the image a little and placing the copy, I've sensed something was missing so I played with masking the type in some colors. Suddenly, a shade-like shape appeared, and with the house above it, it conveyed the Time aspect of it nicely, and I felt it was done. 

I hope it's OK I've flipped the theme around a bit :)

Thanks for viewing/reading! 

UNCOMMON/WEALTH - image 1 - student project