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UK wide chase for a great Milky way shot

5th February 2014

First thing to mention is I am base din the UK and we have a massive light pollution problem. I dont have the ability to drive for a couple of hours to find a nice clear dark sky, I just move form one bad area to another. With this in mind a lot of the shots I produce will utilise the ETTR technique.

That said I am planning one site that should have some spectacular foreground and a nice dark view out to sea, no light pollution on the ocena wave!

I will share more as I produce some first shots and make more than a few mistakes on the way.

9th February 2014

No reall chance of the Milky Way at the moment but I did venture out to one of the sites I am thinking of using and took a few shots. Here is ther first effort. I used ETTR to bring the sky back and isolated the foreground with a mask in photoshop, so quite a bit of processing.


Here is an updated version of the above, much better star coverage.

20th February

So the weather sucks! Not snow like the US but rain and wind followed by more rain and wind. Lots of cloud cover so no more attempts at the milky way. 

This has meant I can plan the shoots I was working on better. Locations scouted, equipment checked and ready to go.

Hoping for a break this weekend or the next as the Moon will be out of the way giving the Milky Way a chance to shine ealry in the morning.

FIngers crossed!

21st February

An early night for me tonight as I will be getting up at 4:30am to go and see if I can get some Milky Way! The moon will be up but so will be the brightest part of the Milky way.

Look out for an update tomorrow PM!

28th February

The weather is not good, well the weather man said it would be perfect. Up at 4am, look out window, almost toatal cloud cover. Back to bed!


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