UFO Launch

UFO Launch - student project


I decided to switch things up because I wanted a cute alien to be the star. I haven't done web design/coding in like eight years so I wanted to refresh my memory. Turns out I remember shit so its back to 101. This class was very helpful, thank you! I can do some basic javascript now! I'm sure my code is a mess and I'm pretty sure I hacked the crap out of it. I only tested it on chrome, and it looks good there. I decided to make my life very difficult. I started with using gifs, but the quality of my illustration was lackluster so I took on css animation. After I learned some basic animation code I went to add it to my rocket js, and it didn't work... After a few hours of troubleshooting and googling I found adding .baseVal after .className worked. This little parachute would ideally fall to the ground at the end but I am done haha. I definitely want to play more with animating svg, and figure out the easier/correct ways, any advice on where I should begin?