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UCSD and somewhere in the city

Hi everyone,

I'm Hai Duong, and I study at UCSD as a chemist. I took photography history as my GE and felt in love with street photography since then. I found documentary material about street photgraphy as much as i could in school library. Those materials showed me what kind of photos I want to take, and I think this class showed me the "how-to." 

I personally like high contrast and grainy images. I also quite like my images look like a painting with composition and vivid colors. I always want my images look cinematic and have lonely feeling like work of Gregory Crewdson, but I dont stage my image. 

1. Portrait.

I saw this homeless man in downtown while I was waiting for a bus. I personally like contrast and vibrant colors of the background, it helps my subject who sitting in cold shade stand out. I like that ideas so much that I pump up the contrast and vivid colors (red bricks vs blue street) even more in photoshop.

2. Motion.

I was waiting outside of the classroom for my next class, then I saw this girl waiting like me, no one's in the background (It's normally crowded.It's so cold that students hide inside buildings.) It's interesting to me, so I decided to photograph this. as soon as I check my composition of my frame, click, then this guy walked into my frame all the sudden. Lucky accident I guess.

I think If someone keeps walking and trying, there must be someone waiting for him at the end. It's cliche, i know. :D

3. Look up

this is one of the building in my school. I liked its roof forms and shapes, the edges they lead my eyes to the sky. It seemed like the highlight was bled up, so I turn it to BnW, fix the highlight level and dont care much about sky color.  

4. Night

a. Portrait of a cleaning worker. 

This is my school cafeteria (kind of). It's normally full of people, but I was exploring at 11pm so it really empty. It seems doesnt make sense if I say this is a portrait of a man, since he's so small in the frame. But I want a comparison of him and his endless job. Don't we live in a society where a man's job identifed who he is? It's silly, I know. 

b. Motion at night

It was a foggy night at school. All the lights looked pretty that night, so I went explored after class was done. I cant really show the motion much since it moving toward me.

c. Look up at night

This was took the same night with 4b image. Weather in San Digeo worked as a free smoke machine, which is really nice. 

  I hope you like theses. 


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