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Hi everybody, I work for UC Davis, A University in California. I've been doing web design for a year now. I'm very interested in responsive design so I took this class, while I didn't do a project under the movie rules I am currently making a site for a department in the University, and I plan to make this site responsive. I followed the steps in the sessions and here is what I came up with, please let me know any thoughts you have!


I only made mockups in the mobile portrait, tablet portrait and standard views. Many of the mockups are not filled in or complete but the structure is there.


If you want to see higher quality images of the project check here:

Standard -


Tablet - 


Mobile - 



Mixing the minimalist style that is so popular right now with content heavy requirements was difficult for me, if anyone has any tips with the transitions of the columns and sections on the page please let me know


as you can see the last call to action button is still empty, as well as the footer and the overall spacing, the real challenge I had here is trying to make the call to action buttons flow well with the heavy information just below them.


So for the tablet I took out the links column, but I might put them under the two 50%/50% news and events column


Same about the links

If you've got this far thanks for your time I appreciate it.


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