U-News - student project

Are you tired of scanning through lots of information? You don’t have enough time to spend searching for the specific article that you want to read?   Plus you don’t know if the source of your news is trust worthy? U-News is the solution for this problems, this app will allow you to write specific key words for the news you are searching for. Using U-News you will be able to make a list of websites that you consider trustful and scan the news related to the Key words you wrote. The articles that are found will be categorized by length, traffic and likes. You can use these categories to choose which article you want to read first. Once you finish your reading U-News will keep track of the news your interested in. It will automatically scan through the websites every hour (you can set the frequency of the scans) and it will give you notifications of every new article that contains the information that you are interested in. U-News connects you to the world.