U BETTA WORK!: Lexi Bella's Life, Business, & Art Lessons from RuPaul

My name is Lexi Bella and I am a street and fine artist. I work in spray, acrylic, and oil paint as well as collage and installation of found and made objects.

My goal is to create projects yearly that sell and pay for my child, living, and art expenses. Eventually with extra money Id like to create organizations that give art education  (programs that employ artists while teaching the youth) in the tristate area.

I took this course and bought the book because I understand as an artist you must be a professional, a businessperson, and know your brand. You cant just wild out and hope you'll turn into the next Basquiat (who btw was taken advatage of and drove himself to an early grave) You have to know what you have to offer, sell, create, and especially what your vision is. My vision is to be on this list some day:

When Marc Ecko asked what I would find influence from I had a long list until my mother said- "You like things RuPaul says, right?"

And after all the 31 years I lived I know

1. I love RuPaul


2. that my mom knows me more than I care to admit.

Now before going any further I must give you a smidgen of RuPaul Herstory:

She/he is a downtown NYC nightlife legend.

She broke the POP music industry with the single "SuperModel of the World" in 1992

She had her own Talkshow from 1998-99

She started RuPaul's Drag Race bringing drag as an entertainment art to the pop culture forfront since 2004.

So as a street artist and businesswoman who loves to learn from Lower East Side bitches, this is

My 10 Business Commandments through my Top 10 Quotes From RuPaul

1. “We all came into this world naked. The rest is all drag.”

Let go of any expectations, limitations, or any other frustrations about who you think you are. You came into this world naked as everyone else. So you can create yourself to be any kind of queen, artist, business person you want.

2. "Don't be afraid to use all the colors in the crayon box."

Dont be afraid to try anything. Also dont be afraid to have fun! We use crayons as kids because its fun! Apply this to your work wether you paint paintings, knit sweaters, or make websites. Keep the fun alive. Its the essence of what attracts people to your product.

3. “When I think about my Glamazon, would that character get down if someone said her thighs were heavy? No, she knows what other people think is none of her damn business.”

Dont take anything personal. Dont get caught up in what other people think of you! It doesnt matter and will only side track you and make you insecure. Nobody has time for that in their creative process or business. I read a quote that has always stayed with me and kept me focused "Treat praise and criticism the same. Dont pay attention to it and stay confident and focused in you're ability and self" Praise and criticism are 2 sides of the same coin- judgement.

4. "Put some bass in your walk!"

Walk strong. Being proud of what you do so you can present your product is so important. Be confident when you speak to anyone about what you do, make, your ideas and business.

5. "You have to use what you have to get what you want."

No matter where you are, you can start using what you have. Baby steps. Be resourceful. Make a list. Know your big goal and then see what action steps you can take now to move toward it, even if its researching companies or artists you would like to be like, ordering cards, buying art supplies, enrolling in a class that can give you the skills to get there (wink wink)

6. "Every time I bat a lash is a political statement."

Make every thing you do count. It doesnt have to be an actual political statement, but be stategic. Dont be arbitrary, be calculated and smart, especially with the use of social media and your brand or business or art.

7. “When you become the image of your own imagination, it's the most powerful thing you could ever do.”

Visualize where, who, and what you want to be. You have to create first in the mind before you can actualize it. Everything from the house you sit in, the table you work at, the shirt your wearing started in someone's imagination. Empower yourself and know your image of yourself so you can become it.

8. “When the going gets tough, the tough reinvent.”

Challenges will always come your way. Things can get hard. Failures occur. When this happens flexibility and reinvention are your biggest assets.

9. "Learn to love yourself, 'cause if you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?"

Love yourself and do what you love. You cant be a successful artist, musician, business person unless you really believe in what you are doing deep down.

10. "You betta work!"

This doesnt just mean work hard. This means be the best possible version of yourself possible and let your product be the best version of itself and keep upgrading, like a Supermodel on the runway or at a fashion shoot. She's already one of the most beautiful people in the worl and getting paid for it- but she has to show up and be the best version of herself EVERYTIME work her angles and keep it moving id she wants to stay on top. Same with you as a person in your business and with your product.


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