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Tyst hav (Silent ocean)

Hello classmates!

For my project I've selected a Swedish book called Tyst hav (Silent ocean). It´s a journalistic book about the overfishing in Sweden and the world. The letter I will be using is a capital T. 


1. Research

The book is about the fucked up fishing industry and why things have become as they are today. The authur explain the complex political decisions between countries and how economical intresses is ruling over science and facts about the condition in our oceans. It´s a really good read but you get very pessemistic and angry after a while. Everything seems so hopeless. It´s all in Swedish with a Swedish stand point on things. I havent finished it yet but the words that comes to mind is these (sorry it´s all in Swedish).


2. Sketches

The idea was to combine fishing hooks and my letter T. They have a simliar shape so I thought that would work. My other idea was to use fishbones to make the T. After some quick skething I realize that fishbone is not gona work because it become to technical for me. So I go with the fishing hooks. After quick skething I decide to ditch the stright T and go for more scripty T with hooks combine in it.


3. Digitalize

Working with the T a bit from my scetch, after a while I´m thinking OK this is enought. After a short break I look again and it looks horrible so I reworked it a little. Still not 100% pleased but Im not gona spend hours on this, got to move on.

Adding some swirls with the help from the swirl tool. Thinking about what Jessica said about drawing the shapes by yourself. A nother time maybee? Finally I added some small fishes just to be extra obvious what this book is about :)


4. Final touches

I've added the final details in photoshop. Gave it a more vintage, distress look witch goes nice with the ocean, water theme etc. Added the copy (not to sure about my font decision...) and made a border with waves (just to be super uber clear). I could surely spent more time with this but I´m just happy that I have made it thrue.

This has been a very funny class. Jessica is truly inspirational and I have had a small revelation with illustrator (the anchor points extreme thing). Havent been this motivated to work in illustrator in along time. So thanks Skillshare and Jessica :) 


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