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I've chosen a quote by W C Fields:

"I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food" or I might use another thing he said: "Who put pineapple juice in my pineapple juice?" (he kept pre-mixed martinis in his dressing room and called them pineapple juice - someone played a trick on him and substituted real pineapple juice for the alcohol)

Here are some examples of type I photographed during the last 12 months. I especially like the Moet branding - especially the dots above the letter E. And the champers was good too! The font used on the Wendy wool is perfect for the brand called 'happy'. Dr. Idoo Kilumded is a bit silly - I found it in a model village and liked it anyway! I really dislike the mixture of traditional font with a chalkboard style font for the national park - so bad, but I don't know what to do to improve it YET....the use of a 'chunky font' is good for the cake counter as it feels homely and welcoming and puts you in the mood for food....Indian Root Pills is one of my all time favourites just because I love the colour that shed near Morpeth in NSW is painted - it was an american company with an australian subsidiary and they still manufacture in Australia - they are laxatives! Still going strong after 115 years. The Borrowers is a favourite story from childhood and the typeface looks traditional. Finally the Letters and Newspapers is an old cast iron post box circa 1890.

Here are my 10 words. I mainly used what was already on my computer but added a couple from dafont and font squirrel. I found it really difficult to visualise them until I realised I could open the font book and see the letters larger. I used colours to illustrate the message too, but accept that my version of 'sporty' makes sense to me only because it's Chelsea FC blue......and I thought maybe the font was bold and energetic.

Branding for clothing/giftware shop in Bath - discussed on FB group!

10th July: made quick sketches for the wine quote and they were terrible....quite like the idea of drawing a pineapple instead, so more quick sketches and I've come up with a composition I can work on. I approached this by imagining the pineapple represented by the letter 'P' this is on my brain at the moment (see above logo for Prey) and also I've been working all week on my Patternmuse logo, featuring a very important P also!

So, the P as pineapple is going to need to work for another word at the same time 'PUT' (though it looks like OUT at the moment) and the last image on this scan shows my composition...it's a bit early to talk about styling, but I'm in that kind of mood where thoughts are pouring in - might do this on a blackboard with a chalked on effect (note: is this a bit cheesy?) but definitely with some bold typefaces, black, white, yellow, green....also thinking that the 'going on a tropical holiday' patterns I was making yesterday might have led me to this decision!

Also 10 July...procrastinating over something else so was the perfect time to watch Faye's tutorial on creating own typeface and here is my set of initials from stuff lying around the garden/house, paint chips, rafia and fruit:

This didn't take long but I had a lot of fun. The tutorials have been illuminating and invaluable if like me, you work on your own and are mainly self-taught....all those useful snippets! I've been avoiding type in my pattern-making but I can see the way forward now and can hardly wait to get started!

17 July...

Gave a lot of thought to the hierarchy of words in my 'pineapple juice' quote...I think W.C.Fields would have been amused (if not slightly panicked) that his martini had been swopped for fruit juice...so I have made the 'WHO?' into the comic character in 2 ways: hiding the word 'who' behind the pineapple leaves and then using gill sans bold italic to produce the question mark on a 'slightly drunken slant'.

I put the whole thing on a blackboard, might be cliched but I like it because it's a bit theatrical and it gives contrast to the golden pineapple - this is an initial sketch in Illustrator, that at some point I will draw/paint/print to get a good texture. I joined the P and J, not very well at the mo - it will also need redrawing as a glyph.

Oops only just read Faye's request to do in 10x8 format, so should be able to tweak it!. Please could anyone give feedback: outlined/solid question mark? and half-patterned PJ or fully patterned? Thanks


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