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Typography Assignments

Limited myself to the fonts in Photoshop to see if I could do this exercise quickly and instinctively.

Typography kerning exercise...

Looked around my computer desk for some typography and logotypes.

'BlowOff'-compressed air for dusting electronics.  Implies action and motion to me.

'Acer'-my monitor.  There's some motion to this too.  Curious as to the rationale for the e being different. (Googling acer logo, this isn't their most recent version.  It has been changed again).

'Moab'-does the forward tilting O reflect innovation?  Creativity?

Your thoughts and opinions?

Here's my chosen quotation that I am in process on.  It is just in shades of black and grey right now while i work.  I did some initial sketches on paper and determined I wanted a both serifed  and non- serifed fonts.  Experimented with some different fonts to capture feeling of adventure.  This is a downloaded font called Konstytucja.  Have to digest it for a bit to see if is the right one.  I have to sit on the alignment of 'may hurt you' and 'will kill you'.  Might want those vertically aligned.

Just thought I'd post my in process progress and will update it further when have finalized it more!

Ok so I changed my font choices a bit.  My first run at it just wasn't working for me.  I let it sit for a few days and came back to it.  I looked through a lot of fonts for the word adventure...this one I chose here is called 'The Rainmaker.'  Something about it being in caps and having a spontaneous, hand drawn feel speaks to adventure to me...like letters written/doodled in a notebook or journal while travelling.  I then brought the text into Photoshop to colour it...using colours that implied some dynamism I hope.

Swis721 Blk BT is the font for 'monotony'.  I love it for this word.  I tried kerning the word as well trying to get a consistent spacing between the letters, a boringness!  And the grey text was chosen to contrast with 'adventure.'

I experimented with using a photograph as a background, but decided in the end to just keep it simple as I climb up a good learning curve with Illustrator and a bit with Photoshop.  Maybe I'll try it again another time with a photo.

I welcome constructive feedback! :)


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