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Kelly H.

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Typography Around Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia is a very artsy city, and it's not hard to find all kinds of typography - whether it's in the form of ads, bills or posters on walls and trams, or you may even find it in the form of street art!


I took this photo at Queen Victoria Market; it's a huge sign and I liked it because of its boldness. It uses a slab typeface and is very attention-grabbing!


One of my favorite places to get coffee in the city is Market Lane Coffee. I really like their slogan, which is what is pictured above because it's simple and minimalist, but the design is also so beautiful that when you're holding the cup, people are always interested in what it says! Their coffee shop is also very simple with minimal decor and clean, simple lines - which is why their logo/slogan is a perfect match for their style.


This was taken on Hosier Lane in Melbourne - one of the more popular tourist attractions due to its ever-changing street art. I liked this piece a lot, as well as the quote. However, it was a bit hard to read - mainly because of how it's positioned around the drawing - and although I appreciated the artist's desire to use many different typefaces, it almost came off a bit sloppy. The way he/she wrote "The wise speak" and "Fools speak" was awesome, and I think stands out the most, so if they had continued with that typeface, it would've been a bit more consistent. Then again, street art isn't consistent :)


Lastly, this was actually taken in Sydney at Bondi Beach. When I was standing on the one side of Bondi (closer to the 'Icebergs'), the sign was large and vibrant enough to where I could see it from that large distance! Again, it uses a very attention-grabbing slab typeface, and I actually like the usage of different pastel colors, but also dark colors like red and blue.


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