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Typical student day

Update 1

Here is the start to my symbol design project. The list above isn't really a typical day but I thought I'd start it with me sleeping in to add a little humour to the project.

Update 2

Okay so it's been a while since I've updated this, uni work and training kind of took over but here I am! I've kind of revised my whole list around how my day to day routine has changed. I've also generalised it as no two days are exactly the same and I always have different plans. Here is the revised list:

  1. sleep
  2. 4am alarm
  3. coffee
  4. breakfast
  5. train
  6. rowing
  7. train
  8. shower
  9. lectures
  10. lunch
  11. design meeting
  12. snacks
  13. design work
  14. gym
  15. walk home
  16. work
  17. dinner
  18. film
  19. beer
  20. bed

Update 3

Here are the 20 icons. Any feedback/critism is welcome!

Here's one with a fixed "lunch". I'm not quite sure about the 11th icon - might change that


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