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Alyse Schulte

Graphic Designer



Typical Weekday Day

I was browsing through classes during some downtime at work and thought this project sounded fun! I know I am late to get started, I just created my list and need to break it down.

Broken Down to 20

1. Hear Alarm

2. Hit Snooze

3. Wake Up

4. Hygeine  (Shower + Brush teeth)

5. Feed Cats

6. Ride Bike to Work

7. Get Coffee

8. Work

9. Browse Blogs / Sign up For Skillshare Class

10. Eat Lunch

11. Ride Bike Home

12. Hug Alex

13. Water Plants

14. Look at Recipies

15. Get tacos and beer from taquiera down the street

16. Sit in Garden

17. Watch TV

18. Play with Cats

19. Go to Sleep

20. Push needy Cat off Bed

I don't have my sketches on this computer, but here are some icons so far.


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