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Typical Thursday

First off I'd like to thank Edward Boatman for putting this class together.  I'm currently a graphic design senior at SUNY Purchase College.  I've always had a huge interest in computer illustration and icon design, so finding this class was an awesome suprise for me.  I've been a huge fan of The Noun Project for a while and check it regularly for inspiration, so it'll be great to learn from one of the masterminds himself.


With this project I start off my list of daily activities for my typical Thursday at school, which is usually the busiest.  I found it very suprising with how much I initially came up with, only 25 or so activities.  As I gave myself more time I came up with a lot more activities that made sense.  Below you'll see my initial list, along with my refined list of 20 activities.

For Unit Two I spent a lot of time refining my list, at times replacing some activities that were more difficult to communicate.  I then sketched examples of both types of representation then went on and sketched about 60 or so different icon ideas to get a rough feel for things.  From there I narrowed it down to one idea per activity and re-sketched.  I often find myself with an idea in my head that doesn't fully come to life for others until I hit the computer, so take these as a very rough draft.  More to come!


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