Amber Horsburgh

Digital Strategist at Big Spaceship



Typical Macklemore Fan

This represents the lion's share of Macklemore fans in the States. He is a student from Seattle who is into digital artists like photography and graphic design. He prefers indie/alternative music to commercial so when searching for new music he trawls XXL, The Hype Machine, Gorilla vs. Bear and RCDLBL. 

In terms of Macklemore, his favorite song is 'Otherside', he finds the lyrical component of the track captivating. Lyrics are a main interest point for him in Macklemore, he relates to them culturally since they are about life - from thrift shopping to bigger issues of same sex marriage. 

He thinks Macklemore is the poster boy for the unique style of Northwest Hip Hop. So, in supporting him he feels satisfied that he is supporting the wider local music scene.

To create this character I have used the tools we outlined in the first lecture available here. Feel free to go into as much detail as you would like, looking at fans for a similar artist in a level above you. If you only have 10 minutes to whip something up just use a couple of them, its up to you. 

The person that uploads most creative fan character will receive a homepage feature on MTV Artists.  


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