Jaclyne Ooi




Typical Day in Summer 2013

Unit 1

  1. wake up from alarm
  2. have a smoothie
  3. use the toilet
  4. brush teeth
  5. wash face
  6. check the weather
  7. get dressed
  8. take the bus
  9. go to class
  10. get lunch
  11. play cards to procrastinate
  12. do homework
  13. get dinner
  14. walk home
  15. brush teeth
  16. shower
  17. dry hair
  18. surf the web
  19. message my pals
  20. sleep

Unit 2

Here are my referents. #5, wash face, is probably the one I'm finding the most difficult. But I'm too eager to start doing things in Illustrator, I figured I'd just change things up as I go.

Unit 3/4

Here are my final icons!


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