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Jer Garcia




Typhoon-Rock Poster

Typhoon is one of my favorite bands. So I chose them.

A couple of the reasons I love Typhoon include:

-They have alot of members. This makes for a big sound, in which they include a wide range of instruments. They tour with any where from 11 and more members at a time. 

-The lyrics are amazingly heart felt. Kyle Morton is the lead singer and in his early life he was bitten by tick and contracted rocky mountain fever. That event and also the effects that the disease had on his life really shows threw his music and I chose to have it show in my poster.

Here is the initial sketch:

In my final poster, I'm going to include 11 blades of grass. This will represent the members of the band and one of the blades of grass will have a tick clenching to one blade of grass. 

Annnnnnndd here it is.. Not sure how I feel about it. Tired alot of things I've never done with screen print design. Let me know what you think:


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