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Types of Beer Glasses

Here is my finished project first, and below is all the steps leading up to it:

Here is my mindmap.  First time I've ever tried using one of these things, and it was pretty useful!  I'm working on a beer-related freelance project, and thought it was as good a place to start as any.

At first I thought I might want to do beers from different regions around the world, each one in front of a landmark of some sort, but then I saw the words "shapes" and "colors" repeating, and thought I'd just do different shaped glasses.  Although bottles might be cool...

Here is my first and only round of sketches, just basically trying to do a take or three on all the different kind of beer glasses I could find on Google Images, to figure out which 6 or so I wanted to make icons of.

I realized I'm behind on this project, so I just want to get something done.  Varying beer glass shapes it is!

I watched all the video tutorials, then watched the one about making vector scatter brushes in Illustrator, so drew up some textures, in case I need them later.

Usually on projects I make a folder in the project folder called "reference" and I put all the google images I find that speak to me in any way in there.  But this idea of keeping a Mood Board appeals to me, because it puts them all in one place, so you can see them all at a glance.  That is much better.

I'm pretty certain I want the glasses to be full, and also pretty sure I want to go with earth tones for the color palette.  I like the hand-drawn quality of both my sketches and some of the mood board reference photos, but this class is about geometric vector drawn icons, so I'm going to push in that direction.

Here is a first culling of my sketches into an Illustrator document, just to see which glass shapes I want to focus on.  There is a lot of redundancy - five pint shapes and four mug shapes - but I will whittle it down from here, based on how much fun I am having with each.

Okay, I think I've decided on 6 basic glass shapes, and I'm going to put them each on a circle - evocative of a coaster, maybe? - to unify them.

I've also constructed a basic color palette of amber-y earth tones with one cool accent color, that I'm not sure how I'm going to use.  But I learned a lot about tones, shades and tints when I googled "How to build a color palette," from this Smashing magazine article:

So here is my basic comp of what I think my final icons might look like.

I tried to give them all similar visual weight, but I had to show that the pilsner glass was taller than all the rest, so it couldn't be the same spacing from the circle's edge that the rest of them were.  Kind of messed up my consistency!

These turned out a lot flatter than I was planning, but I kind of like the abject flatness, now.

I was trying to avoid using gradients, so I just tried to make reduced-opacity flat shapes do all the work.

And I completely abandoned the color green, but who needs cool colors anyhow?


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