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Keith Tatum

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Type Hunter Tag Concept

Updated Mark
I had the chance to tighten some line weight and details to bump up the contrast of the tiger.

My name is Keith Tatum and I chose to focus my project on a personal branding piece.

I am creating a mark for The Type Hunter.  I've been hunting typography both in the physical world and online for a number of years.

You can follow my Type Hunting in the social channel of your choice.

Pinterest- http://pinterest.com/slingthought/type-hunter-always-on-the-hunt/

Tumblr- http://thetypehunter.tumblr.com/

Instagram- http://instagram.com/slingthought

Flickr- http://www.flickr.com/photos/typehunter/

I also publish a Flipboard Magazine which you can subscribe to.


My concept, shown from inked line art through mocked up final tag, appears below.

Inspiration for this design comes from a love of Victorian typography, hunting vintage products and advertising, and work that I've been doing for the past couple of years.

I can't nail down a specific source of inspiration, because I'm inspired by everything I look for and take photos of.

I wanted to have a rugged, roughened mark that represents what I do and this one just came together late one night for me.

I've taken several slight detours from the original tiger mark and worked on the pieces shown directly below.

Recent Execution Of The Mark
I've gotten great feedback on my mark and have simplified and dropped some texturing to test readability of the type and illustration.  The solid advice is definitely making a difference, so thanks to folks who have commented!

Updated Mark Illustration

Initial Inked Line Art

Photoshop Study with Vectorized Mark

Photoshop Color and Texture Study

Final Type Hunter Tag Photo in Context

The Type Hunter Concept Photoshoot
Weather was nice today, so I decided to give my mark more life by doing a quick photoshoot in between yard work.  

The Full Fleet of Type Hunter Defenders


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