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Trixia Y.




Type Doodles

This isn't my project title and I haven't done the letter tracing exercise yet oops, but I decided to jump right in and start doing a phrase a day, to practice and improve my hand lettering skills.

I used a Sakura PIgma Micron fine tip pen to write the phrase 'So many shows, so little time', using the light tracing method. The composition is heavily inspired by Andrea's example and the lines are a bit wobbly in places and smudged in others, but I think it's a good start. 


I can't wait to do more phrases. Thanks, Andrea! Your lettering tips were very helpful. 

Update (07/31/15)

I finally did some lettering practice:


... and lettered the name of my project, 'Type Doodles'.

I tried the tracing paper method this time and confined the words to a box, to tighten my composition. Here's the 1st pencil draft, I used it to test out the details for the final lettering as well. 


Inked on tracing paper: 


I think I'll try practicing some brush lettering next!

Update (08/16/15)




Some brush stroke practice that I did with a Zig brush pen. It's similar to the Pental brush that Andrea used. I found it pretty hard to control the thickness of the strokes, maybe because of how soft the tip is. I'll need lots more practice before I can do any nice lettering with this brush, but the capital letters were fun to draw. 



Halfway through writing this phrase, I cheated and bought a new brush pen with a smaller & stiffer brush tip. :p It was much easier to control,  


Final lettered phrase. I didn't know it was a Christmas carol, I just remember it as the song sung by the main character of the novel 'Jacob Have I Loved' as she walks home under a night sky full of stars.  


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