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Type Design Basics: Design a Unique Decorative Grid-based Typeface

Hey everyone,

These are a few key points on my promotion of my first class Type Design Basics: Design a Unique Decorative Grid-based Typeface

  • I kept my class free for the first 24 hours and sent a dozen of personal invites to my network, I've reached 25 students in about 8 hours after launch and most of these were not people who I have invited, but rather Skillshare users which discovered my class on their own.
  • I turned my class into premium after 24 hours, and at this point I had 52 students enrolled.
  • After turning to premium number of Skillshare users enrolling dropped considerably, so I got back to inviting more people from my network.
  • After 72 hours of being live I've made a separate promo video for my class and shared it on Facebook with 10 free enrolement links, which proved to be quite popular. I also shared the same video on Instagram, but with a paid access link instead, so I cannot monitor its effectiveness.
  • I've won April Teach Challenge with my class, and it has been featured in the newsletter on the 24th May, since then I've gained another 40 students or so, and as of today (May 26th) my class has 226 students.

More updates to follow...

As a note, my personal Facebook following is quite reasonable around 1.4K, and a considerable part of it is my fellow designers, so it is quite easy to engage them. Also we have just under 1K followers on our studio page Attitude Creative on which I originally posted the video and promo link. On the other hand my Instagram following, or rather Instagram following of our studio @attitudecreative profile is not that big as we started using instagram only recently.

Would be awesome if you check out my class;)




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