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Tyler's Ideal Client

I promised to create another brand together with you, so here we go:

Tyler's Ideal Client:

  • Male, between 18 - 30 years.
  • His strongest pain points: wants to get away from the boredom of everyday life.
  • His strongest desire: wants a "hipper" image, desires a lifestyle that combines "chilling" with meeting laid-back girls or women looking for fun rather than a serious relationship.

Tyler's perfect moment and brand colors:


(NB - You can use any photo to extract your brand colors. If you actually want to use a photo on a website or for commercial purposes, you need to acquire the proper license.

If you want to download hundreds of photos which are free to use for ANY purposes at the click of one button, check out this class.

Now it's your turn! Can't wait to see what you come up with! :-)

xo, Nat


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