Tylenol, Cell Phone Justice and Oil Changes

"Does anyone have any tylenol?"- While working for a catering company I started feeling ill during a wedding and asked if my coworkers had any tylenol or pain medicine.  My bright, cheerful and newest coworker quickly told me she had something even better.  Before I could react she closes my eyes, slides her fingers down my face and rests one hand between my breasts the other between my shoulder blades and begins to violently rock my body.  She proceeds to give me an energy healing.  I thought she meant she had Aleve or something.

Vigilante Cell Phone Justice - My older sisters cell phone is stolen and I decide to seek justice on my own.  I head to the scene of the crime (a pet store) emboldened by a story I'd read on the internet two weeks before.  My own cunningness surprises me.

Oil Change on Monday night- went in for an oil change dangerously close to closing time.  I become a completely different woman when forced to deal with car issues.  Having watched far too many news stories about women being swindled while servicing their vehicles I have created an alter ego to deal with these oil jockeys.


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