Twoing! - student project

Hey again!

This is another dream I had. I call it 'The stinger'. I think these dreams are going to give me away as a lunatic!

In that dream, I was sleeping in a couch in someone's room (don't ask me why), and I heard the bee and woke up. Next thing, it attacked me! But the funniest thing is that, despite that huge stinger, it couldn't sting me (that's my arm on the left). It tried many times but it'd bounce back as it hit my arm...

I made the picture look kinda comical as the dream sounded to me as I woke up, but the bee as threatening as it looked when I was dreaming. It looks nonsense - but that's what my dreams are like :P

Twoing! - image 1 - student project

Hi Elle!

I loved the proposal of the class :D thanks for sharing it!

It was a great experience to me as I tend to recall my dreams frequently, and though the 'stories' can be quite confusing, some images are relatively clear.

I'm not even recording because these images tend to linger in my mind, sometimes for more than a day. Which was the case with this picture. I used to constantly dream of airports - now I dream of subway stations! More than once, I found myself in some platform, looking at the signs and going up and down escalators. I was going somewhere but didn't know where. But in this dream, 3 days (nights) ago, I was at the platform, and I looked up... the name of the station is what's not clear... and I wondered should I keep going, but somehow, I knew that was the right station. I had arrived - though I still have no idea where!!! hehehe

Anyway, this is the result. It was done in pastels. I'm the little black figure with a nose pointed up and arms thrown back in surprise :)

Twoing! - image 2 - student project

Ah, yeah, there was another fellow there, but I haven't figured out his role yet!

Thanks again, Elle

Cintia Roma
Illustrator wannabe