TwoSees, Clothes for Little Kids

TwoSees, Clothes for Little Kids - student project

TwoSees, Clothes for Little Kids - image 1 - student projectTwoSees - basically a onesie with a view, made  by Little Parakeet, LLC.

Anyone who's cared for a small child has had the experience of smelling something that might be a poopy diaper, but maybe not.  When the child is wearing a Onesie, (a one-piece undershirt that snaps at the crotch), and you want to find out for sure, you need to stop the child in his tracks, lie him down on the floor or other surface, pull down his pants, lift up one leg, then put your finger in the leg hole and stretch it out so you can see what's in there.

If your child is wearing a TwoSee, all you need to do is pull out the back of the pants waist band, reach into the TwoSee opening and the waistband of the diaper, and you can see everything you need without the time or tears it usually takes to do an "on-floor" check.  TwoSees are especially appreciated when there is more than one child in diapers, you don't want to disturb the child's play, you can't lie the child down anywhere (say, in a supermarket), or the caregiver doesn't have a good sense of smell.

I have a provisional patent and prototype and have begun sourcing factories, labels, silk screen printers, fabric and snaps.  I'd like to keep production in the US, preferably in NY where I live. 

I invented the product when I was shopping with my little one and thought she might have a dirty diaper.  There was no way I could tell for sure...she was wearing a Onsie and sitting in the shopping cart.  I had to bundle her up, bring her out to the car, put her on the cold car seat, and undress her half-way to look into her diaper.  No poop!  It was a wasted trip.  By the time I got back into the supermarket, they had taken my cart and started restocking what I'd shopped for.  I looked for a product online that address this issue, but since there were none, I invented it myself.

I'm hoping to get names of specific sources to contact, hopefully in and/or around New York that would be willing to an initial run of at least 600... or more if the price point makes sense.

I was not able to upload a picture, but here's a short video on YouTube

I would appreciate any feedback you're willing to share on any aspect of this project.  Thanks.

Good luck on your projects, everyone.