Two weeks workshop, Part 1: project vases




I try different materials. First I painted with aquarel. It was so much fun to do that I also painted with acryl gouache and the last drawning I drawn with colorpencils. So above you can see my drawing with colorpencils and micropen. The white gelpen didn't work on the colorpencils. But I love the combination also without the gelpen. Color with the black/ white flowers. 




A little while ago I bought acryl gouache from Holbein. I'm very exited of the colorpalet of Holbein.  The ash pink, ash green and the ash bleu are my favourite. Loving also the combination with the micronpen. The colors are in realtime more deeper than you see on the pictures. 


And below you can see my vases paint with aquarel. Project 1 of this workshop was really fun to do. I'm always painting or drawing on my kitchentable with on the background fine music and a big cup of tea. So relaxing. Now it's time for part two of this class. 

thanks for your class @Peggydean 

Lots of love Marielle (@illustrationsbymadiva or @mariellevdvn on Instagram) 



Part 2: Flowers 

So much fun to do. But I need some practise on the realistic flowers. 




 Part 3: Realistic flowers. 

Yes I need some practise! But love to do! 





 This was a difficult one. The rose above. 




I try some leafs with aquarel and micronpen. Love the combination! And at least I try some avocado. I paint with gouache and drawn with the micronpens. 



Thanks @Peggydean for your great class. Love to do. So much inspiration. 

xx Love Marielle 


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