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Elena Wilken

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Two weeks to a great pattern collection WORKSHOP



Wildflower Fields/Window to the Past

I just started this past week thinking through and creating a hero print. I decided to take the theme and expand it (the color story, the 'story' and motifs) and make a collection out of it.

For the first few years of my life it was my grandma that raised me (my dad was in the army, and mom had to go back to work). I grew up in Eastern Europe, in the country side. It was a magical time. I have the best childhood memories with grandma - cradling a couple of days old baby bunnies as a toddler, sleeping at night under the open sky, in hay (just for fun), learning how to cook later on, laying in the grass on a blanket under the pear tree in the back yard and reading the afternoon away...  Grandma has always been one of the most important people in my life. She past away a couple of months ago. And since then, every time I think of her, the wildflower fields behind her house, past the back yard, come to mind the most. I loved crossing those fields to the woods, to pick wild strawberries every summer.
So, this is a print to honor her and try and capture that feeling of longing that I can't quite define...

Wildflower Fields/Window to the Past - themes and motifs - vintage, child silhouette, woman silhouette, toddler, pear tree, picture frames, window frame, wild flowers, singing birds, butterflies, leaves, grass blades, field chamomile, corncockle, boutonniere flower, sweet william, fox glove, california poppy, heart's delight, wild strawberries, woods, village/country house, old post fence, deer, bunnies, owls, traditional Romanian floral motifs, old vintage camera.







The thought of this first collection started during one of Elizabeth's challenges. Initially the theme revolved hot air balloons and a dream of a hot air baloon ride over the french country side, at sunset.
The mood board shows my original thoughts of incorporating lots of watercolor textures. I wasn't able to do a good job at it in Illustrator, so I stuck to the vector look and developed a whole new collection of watercolors in Photoshop, after finishing this one.

...Walking through sun flower fields; riding your bike down the village's main street; stopping to pick wildflowers and berries, while hot air ballon fly above in the sky and birds welcome the new day with their chirping. - That's what the story is about :)
The first color way is reminiscent of bright, fresh colors in the cool, crisp air of the morning, a little soft and misty. The second is reminiscent of the sunset hours.

So here is my first collection. I do welcome any constructive criticism and feedback. Thank you!
...Elizabeth, it's been so helpful and inspiring watching all the videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! It's so deeply appreciated.











...And here is the second color story.





...And a few product mockups. I have a weakness for pillows.



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