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Two week update: IG 2-week Growth Challenge

Link: https://www.instagram.com/artbyjanabirta/

After two weeks: So I've completed the two week challenge. The second week I posted one photo a day. I took part in an art challenge and that worked well to increase my followers. I also continued leaving comments under some photos I like.  Because I have another personal account I only know a few people personally who are following me, by leaving comments and getting comments in return I feel i'm connecting with other artists and that was one of my goals going into the challenge so I'm generally very happy with the engagement on my instagram. I really never imagined reaching 100 followers over two weeks but I'm also aware that the followers number is just a number and it doesn't matter much if the followers aren't engaging on your instagram.

Another thing I wan't to mention is that I'm very honest about what I write in the caption under my photos, I'm not trying to be someone I'm not, this is just who I am, if people like it, that's great, it not, that's okay too. While being honest to myself I feel I'm honouring my creative self and that's a great feeling. 

Thank you Ohn Mar for giving me the courage to open an account for my artwork :) :) :) 



After one week: Hey everyone, I've been on Instagram for one week now and overall it's been a fun and enjoyable experience. Put a picture of me in the profile picture. Been posting 1-2 times a day on average, replied to every comment and posting comments on other instagrams under pictures I like. I have gained 50 followers, I am extremely happy about it and I never imagine I would have this many followers :) I will post in one week to tell you my final thoughts about the challenge :)ab5e012b


The start: Today the 20th of February I opened an account for my art and started the growth challenge. I am going to follow the Project Description for the next two weeks. Even though I am not a professional artist I do like the idea of being able to share my art progress. I hope I will gain some followers but even if I don't, I will definitely have fun creating new art in these two weeks :)
Big thanks to you Ohn Mar Win for this class, lovely to be able to learn from you !



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