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Two watercolor moods

Hi, Everybody!

When I started this project, I was, like many, determined to make a decent Christmas postcard, because it's the time of the year. I really like Christmas designs of trees, decorations, ads and even wreaths. That really inspires me. 

So I started making sketches from my own Christmas tree, as well as live poinsettias. I like holly as well, it goest along with almost everything. Here's my inspiration set:







Then I made a sketch and colored it. Don't neglect the advice about simplification: the simplier, the better. I got it too late.


The most diffucult part of the project for me was putting the elements together in a single postcard.

I wouldn't dublicate the watercolor set here, because it look almost the same, just a little bit more clean.

Here are two of my postcards:


and another one:


Then I figured out that the whole set of festive elements diffucultly combines into one palette, and by this time I was so bored with the Christmas theme, that I made a whole new watercolor set and made another postcard.

Here's the Breakfast set:


And here's what I made of it:


Thank you very mush for the class, Olga! I enjoyed editing watercolors and bringing them together into something digital and new! You're awesome!

Regards, Olga


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