Two tries!

Thanks Irina for another great class! I combined the galaxy idea with the side portrait. Would love any feedback or ideas (from Irina or anyone else really!) on anything, but on two things in particular:

1. How to paint the eyelashes for an open eye from the side? If you zoom in you'll notice I made an attempt and then scrubbed it out because it looked so funky!!

2. I wasn't sure how best to balance the composition - that's why I added the moon on the left. I feel it's too disjointed from the right hand side though. Originally I thought of putting a little planet with the same galaxy color. Would there be some way to tie in the magenta color from the lips? Maybe make the planet have rings? Or just leave as is and try something different on the next one?




Thank you for your feedback below, Irina. I decided to make the planet the same as the hair and add some splatters! Not a perfect execution, but definitely better!



Also, I decided to try a second portrait! 





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