Two styles - Lamb & Beef

Lamb Meatballs with Feta & Rosemary

I made these with Lamb Steaks that were rather lean.  I tried to compensate with feta and extra ricotta but still felt like they were tough.   I would welcome advice on how to make them leaner.

Meatball Showdown - 1/2 Beef & 1/2 Pork (nearground) vs.  All Beef (farground)


Beef had a deeper, richer flavor.  A little less tender.  That might be able to addressed with additional ricotta.  I also found when they were simmered in the sauce they tenderized as well.

1/2 Beef & 1/2 Pork were much more tender.  I think absent the sauce these are better.  Would be great as a slider.


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