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Two project ideas - Life Musical and Bird Dance

Hi Guys, 

Below are two ideas for my project, Life Musical and Bird Dance. They're probably a little more fleshed out then ideas, I got a bit carried away once I started writing..

Idea one – Life musical

I was on the bus recently and this women sitting near me was audibly singing “Time after Time” by Cyndi Lauper . She was holding the lyrics in her hand ,completely oblivious to anybody else and repeating the song time after time after time (sorry).

I wanted to join in so I could fulfill my dream of being in a real life musical sing-a-long! You see, once I joined in the whole bus would join in! We’d be singing, harmonizing, doing our own solos, even people in the cars next to us would join in.  The traffic would stop and we’d spill out onto the street still singing and maybe even dancing now (Do I watch too many musicals? Probably. Do I let my love of singing along to musicals overshadow my inability to actually sing. Most definitely)

 Anyway, I didn’t have the guts to join in….so I waited, hoping that at the next bus stop someone would get on who had pizazz, someone who would join in

 All it would take was a drunken Irish man or an unemployed actor wanting to get on YouTube or just Cyndi Lauper herself. I held my breath.


Idea two – Bird dance

 I’ve recently started a job near the water and every time I leave the office, I have to encounter approximately 1000 birds (slightly embellished number to help you get the visual). I don’t particularly like birds. If one comes within a meter of me I duck like a meteor was coming towards my head. I’m not particularly nimble either, most 6ft women aren’t (and I hate you if you are) so I end up looking like an idiot much to the amusement of many tourists ( I should put a hat out to collect coins). Oh, I can see the birds smiling

Up until today (Friday no less, my favorite day) I hadn't been pooped on.

Birds 1, Me 0.

Game on. 


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