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Two places, one band

Two bands one festival

Round #1 If all Goes well

The most straight forward solution is to split the road crew between the two shows and send them ahead of time to receive the equipment ahead of time and conduct set up. If required the band will have to either purchase additional equipment or borrow it to make sure they are prepared for both. This way the cast of the band can arrange to have there shows no less than seven hours apart to provide both time to fly and be transported between locations. They should be able to rest during the flight and be ready in time for the second show.

This idea was based on a five hour flight time between California and New York to provide a flight time estimate and the presumption that the equipment was the problem that would prevent the band from flying due to required set up times rather than some other constraint.


Round #2 Back Up

Technically this plan is a fail safe for the other plan but involves more planning in and of itself. Get a band that is friends with your band to play part of your show dressed up as you doing covers of your work then show up to evict them from the stage on arrival. This should not be an attempt to have them accurately mimic you in every way but a playful invasion and inversion of your work to cover your backside and hopefully not po the crowd too badly.


Round #3 Of Mice and Men

For reasons of logistics plan one won’t work even with the failsafe to buy you some extra time. Caught on the wrong side of the continent from your next show your options are somewhat limited. This is where things get gritty because it means comeing up with a work around for a major problem to providing your presence.

A)Calling on the long suffering friends from the failsafe and cashing in some huge favors you can have them do the on stage performance to your live cast of the other festival, just schedule them at the same time and hope no one thinks it’s a rip off instead of artistic. Throw in a weird element like the other band not playing instruments or wearing mascot heads if your band has iconic character art associated with them ala the gorillas or something to show you aren’t actually trying to trick anyone though.

  1. Split the band partially and fill in with member from other bands for a special performance just for those festivals.
  2. I’m not sure if you can be called an indie band if you can afford holograms but rock em’ if you’ve got them or the festival is willing to rent and let you use the equipment. Work the holographic nature of some of your band mates into the show.
  3. Beg another band to let you have there spot and the following day and make it work.
  4.  Burn a professional bridge if all else fails. It sucks but cancellations happen and just suck it up and cover the bands backside as it’s your fault anyway. Offer some kind of compensation like to cover the cost of tickets to your performance if they’ve already been sold or if that’s too much let the fans know they can cash them in for use at a special show at the end of the festival at a secret venue and just make sure to rock that like your bands future depends on it.


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