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Katie Ekins

Graphic Designer



Two palettes invoking excitement

Hi everyone, and thanks for a great class, Geri!

This was more of a challenge than I thought it'd be! It's good to practice my color skills.

My notes from my version of the client brief:

  • adventurous
  • fun
  • modern, stylish
  • up to date
  • fashion forward, urban
  • technology, art, music
  • likes simple, functional design
  • artisanal products

When I started out, I found photography that had bright colors because I feel that colors invoking excitement and adventure are saturated, warm colors. 


(photo found on Pinterest)


(photo found on pinterest)


So here are the two palettes I came up with, but I didn't like either of them! I realized that the orange and blue have the same value and same saturation, so there wasn't enough contrast, and they were too light.

For the red, yellow, and blue one, I just didn't like how the colors went together…it was more of an intuitive feeling of "I don't like this".

So to 'fix' that palette, I pulled a more saturated, bubble gum red from the same photograph, and a dark blue of the building on the side.     


To 'fix' the other palette, I looked for the perfect tangerine orange, and then I used Adobe Kuler to find analogous colors. I decided to stick with orange and yellow and a neutral grey. I guess I'm a minimalist because I didn't want the palettes to have too many colors.


Open to any and all feedback! 


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