Charles Dicks

Hoooooowdy Folks!!!



Two for one! Going to sleep at a 'sane person time!' + Putting first things first (working on top priorities)

My Tendencies (in rank order):

Type 1: Questioner 6 Very strong tendency

Type 2: Obliger 5 Strong tendency

Type 3: Rebel 4 Moderate tendency

Type 4: Upholder 2 Small tendency

I'm getting the feeling this might not come naturally to me....

I'm here for two reasons: 

1) I've got a million and one bad habits.  But when I trace them back to the source, a good number seem to be rooted in my complete lack of routine.  And the most unstable portion on my non-routing is my wildly variable sleep schedule.  So I'm focusing on locking that down (a set bed time, as well as a set amount), and seeing if other things auto-correct as a result.

2) Productivity.  I'm an entrepreneur, and ADD as hell.  I compensate for being all over the place by working ridiculous hours, but there's no doubt that my personal needle is leaning mush closer to 'Working Hard' than "Working Smart".  So I'm focused on learning how to keep identifying top priorities, plugging away at them, and resisting the urge to chase squirrels.


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