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Two blogs- & goodjujushop

I'm actually looking to start two blogs! 

The first one is going to be a personal blog for my website: - which will be my primary focus right now. I would like to revisit the assignments to also develop ideas for a my second blog. 

The second will be for my new Etsy shop:


For personal blog

Why I want to blog:

- creative outlet for ideas

- work on my writing style

- networking, find likeminded people – join creative community

- make a name for myself, establish a brand

- gain clients for freelance

- try to get myself organized – gain skills in project management and time management

- just blog, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and I’ve never kept it going much

- practice practice practice : writing!




- gender: female and male;

- age: young professionals – mid 20s-40s

- job title: media specialist, art director, editor, creatives, etc.

- years of experience: several years post-grad

- location: north America – Canada – GTA

- devices used: desktop and mobile 


- personality: creative, open-minded, liberal

- values: arts-driven, liberal, open-minded, progressive

- attitudes: liberal, progressive, creative

- interests: artistic, media, technology, lifestyle, culture, local interest

- lifestyles: media interest, tech-savvy, progressive


Jessie and Vivian are two young professionals in Toronto interested in cultural studies, art, politics and social issues. They’re very technologically savvy with interests in digital cultures. Online, they have strong identiies, using social media to connect with communities and raise awareness about different causes, issues and passions. They’re liberal minded and care about the arts. 


Define your style:

Liberal - preachy

Artistic - pretentious

Experimental - chaotic

Progressive - poltical

Informative - condescending


Liberal – preachy = casual

Artistic - pretentious = creative

Experimental – chaotic = sketchbook

Progressive – political = social commentary

Informative – condescending = thoughtful



1. Publish 1 post every 2 weeks for 2-3 months, and then 1 post every week by end of year.

2. Develop an audience – visitors to site (specifically going to blog) 10 a day by end of year

3. Gain a writing portfolio – 3 longer length articles/story (1000+ words)


Brand statement

Sylvia’s journal (name of blog) is a casual (descriptive word), creative (descriptive word), and thoughtful (descriptive word) blog focused on providing content about Sylvia’s experiences as a media producer and socially engaged citizen of Toronto (main topic area) to twenty-somethings (audience #1), and thirty-something (audience #2), media professionals (audience #3) so that Sylvia can network and expand her written portfolio. (main purpose)

Why are we doing this?
To connect with like-minded individuals and network (purpose #2)
Gain a writing portfolio (purpose #3)
Create some buzz for my personal interests and causes (purpose #4)
While gaining experience in project management and of course, writing. (purpose #5)

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis, we plan to:
Publish 1 post every 2 weeks, and then expand this to 1 post a week by end of the year. (goal #1)
Develop an audience, with visitors accessing my website going directly to the blog – and then further through my site. (goal #2)
Gain a writing portfolio, which will grow into at least 3 longer length articles/stories that may be used for publishing. (goal #3)


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