Crista Alejandre

Digital illustrator



Two bears

First, here is my general illustration inspiration board:

I like drawing animals (well, animal heads, I guess), and I like looking at and thinking about every day situations. It's fun to draw characters based on friends, family, and people I see out in the world. So here are some sketches from that train of thought.

Here are the dad and daughter bears in shape form. Crazy colors!


And the bears after all of the clipping masks and better colors were set (L) and with some rendering (R):

Lots of fiddling around at this stage. I was skeptical about layering what seemed like really strange colors on top, until I actually did it. Then I went all out. I AM NOW A BELIEVER. Here is a screenshot of my various color adjustment layers. I probably went overboard, and I'm pretty sure some of these cancel each other out! 

And my final dad bear + girl bear:

I would appreciate any and all feedback!


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