Two Variations of the Circle Collage

Two Variations of the Circle Collage - student project

I have been trying to loosen up my style and design/paint more abstractly. Creating a collage seemed like a  way to play with shapes, colors, and style more spontaneously and I was right. I enjoyed cutting the circles without worrying about being precise. Rather than spend time debating placement, I put the pieces down and after quickly rearranging glued them down and started adding lines.Two Variations of the Circle Collage - image 1 - student project

Pictured above is the collage I did first. It is a group of textures taken from nature. I cut out many circles and found 15 that worked within a palette of colors but with enough variation in textures. After laying them out, I felt that I needed a solid, brighter color to uplift the other colors so before gluing, I adhered three pieces of aqua washi tape.

Two Variations of the Circle Collage - image 2 - student project

Using the same magazine, I cut out a mostly solid palette of colors that included two tones of terracotta, Tiffany blue, red with some darker red, and gray. I had planned to add a variety of lines to connect the shapes but once I arranged the circles I liked the idea of repeating that shape in a random pattern for the background.

It was fun to put these together and spurred some other ideas for future collages that I could use to loosen up and eventually as a starting point for creating final pieces. Thanks for an enjoyable class. It was exactly what I was looking for, and I look forward to trying another one of your classes soon. ~ Kate

Kate Smith
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