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Two Saucy Broads

Client: Two Saucy Broads
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Two Saucy Broads is a pizza & beer parlor in Fullerton, CA. As the name suggests, this restaurant is operated by two women, sisters in fact. These two sisters are the "saucy broads." They make New York hand-tossed pizza with a California twist. Two Saucy Broads has won several awards for their pizza and has establihshed a presence in the OC food scene.

Two Saucy Broads is located near Cal State Fullerton, and as such, many of their patrons are college students who enjoy gourmet pizza and craft beer. This pizza parlor has a retro 50's rockabilly vibe. There's even a little Elvis shrine on one of the walls. Their current brand identity does that reflect this retro vibe nor does it fit with the quirkiness and humor of their name.

I hope to create a viable and relevent re-design of their brand identity.

Word Lists:
For my word lists I picked pizza, beer, and rockabilly. I kept it simple and tried to come up with words I thought would work well in the sketching phase.

I'm going to to see if I can make some interesting connections with these words and then do some simple sketchups. I'll post my sketches on here soon.


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